Sunday, July 29, 2012


The beautiful castle in Joetsu ..I could seriously live there. It was beautiful and surrounded by trees and water. I have seen numerous traditional buildings and have been to two traditional styled Japanese homes - they are so gorgeous!

 The castles garden and surrounding waters.

 A tadpole in the process of turning into a frog ...

My sweet sister Mady took the time to type up this recipe and email it to me. We made these cinnamon rolls, which took pretty much all day, froze them, and then ate some while watching the Olympic opening ceremony at 5:30 on Saturday morning.

 A museum we went to had this on the wall ...creepy but cool! They also had a ton of stag beetles ... which dont freak me out as much anymore as I have lived with two of them since I got here. .. they are in container of course!

 A cute turtle Lily found while she was walking home. One of the neighbours took it to the police station in order to find its owner.

One ball of yarn and two fabrics that I bought yesterday . It is so easy to spend hours in craft stores!

On a totally different note, people continuously confuse me for my cousin . It is hilarious as the people who mix us up are people who actually know my cousin!

I am off to go watch a movie with the boys :)

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