Thursday, October 25, 2012

So excited!

My parcel showed up at my door this morning. A nice big box. Of course, I already knew what was inside .. and no, it wasnt yarn ;)

I am so excited about the music that came - three CDs: Need To Breathe, Tenth Avenue North and Passion . I also ordered Scott Stapp's new book, and have decided to save it for the weekend, ... when I can read it in one shot .

I am currently not reading too much .. there is not much time for that at this moment.

I have started SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL by Schumacher. I have also started KING SOLOMONS MINES by Haggard.  And I have nice "small" stack of Jane Austen and Chaucer that I really really need to get to.

My Bible reading is currently in Genesis ( for Parasha) , Jeremiah ( daily reading ) and the book of Sirach( usually read right before bed.

What are you reading ?

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