Thursday, February 28, 2013

Under $5 gift (including postage!) - Chocolate on a Snowy Day

One of the most frequent comments I hear is related to the expensive price of postage. Today, it costs 71 cents in Canada to mail a letter, and 1.24 to mail one to the States ( with taxes). I think , if one is willing to buy junk food that our bodies don't even need  for far more than 71 cents .. then there really isn't much harm in spending less then three quarters of a dollar to make someones day.

So, I have decided to start writing about various projects that can all be shipped to loved ones for under 5 dollars - this includes the price of postage and the project materials themselves. Seriously,  you can make someone laugh and smile and feel loved for less than the price of a bag of chips and a bottle of pop! Pretty great right ? I sure think so!

This is the first installment of the project - a chocolate bar and little note to send some love on a snowy day ( we just got hit with a huge snow storm!).

Total postage : Over size stamp that comes to 1.51 with taxes.
Note: this price is for a domestic over size letter that is under 100 grams. I cant stress enough that it pays to check the weight and size of what you are sending. By simply flattening an item ( such as a small scarf or T-shirt ) and using a slightly larger envelope , you can save money.

The chocolate bar cost me 68 cents ( it was on sale and marked down from 3 dollars)  and is by far the most delicious one I have ever eaten ... so  good that I couldn't resist sharing!

I attached a little piece of note paper from Japan and made my own envelope from wrapping paper I bought earlier this year - it is much better to use what you have on hand and encourages creativity.

I think mailing is super important and a vital way to communicate. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Really, what gives us the right to judge those around us ? NOTHING. That's right ... NOTHING.

I know that we are all such different people and have different tastes, morals, values, favorite colours and so on. And yes, sometimes we may not be fond of what someone is wearing or how they have their hair cut. It happens.  However,it really isnt right when people judge other people they have NEVER EVEN MET. Numerous people singled out a popular young lady on a magazine by her name tonight and proceeded to make comments that are far less than polite. Names like "ugly" and "disgusting" were used.

Why do we feel we can do this ?
Why do we feel we can  call people names?
how do we decide  we are better than them?
What makes us think we can say such things?
Why do we feel it is allowed?

Our poor generation, believing this is okay.

It is sad really. It is almost sheepish when you think that they are calling someone they have never met names that no one wants to be called.

Lets not judge.
Lets not put ourselves over others anymore.
Lets not keep this up.
Lets not teach others that this is okay, because it isnt.

Lets encourage each other to respect one another.


Monday, February 4, 2013

DIANA // Little Lamby Knits

Diana, AKA my favorite sweater, is coming along quite well.

I LOVE a good cardigan, and this one is just right - I finished up the hem the other night while watching The Office and hope to have the sleeves done soon!